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Linus explains why open source works

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 19, 2007 12:23 AM
From source to no source...thats the question ?
I spend more time correcting propeier code than open code "OK not the code but the software & securety"
been a big fan of open source and Linux fore over teen years now but
its still a petty to see the gaps between the two camps fight together instead...

Linux whit minimal problems for 10 of years
the easynes of installing windows is fare from beyond its security settings and yes i do believe
Linux can fly someday i wouldent build a car on a cardbordbox i would use real steele and kevlare

and yes aim a big fan of IKEA´S founder he started out from scratch by cykling in the nighberhod selling pencils and matches
and when you see him giving an interjuv on telly he's a down to earth Man both feet´s on the earth...

/MVH Gnuru
PS in my case OpenSource is fare more competive than many of its big bucks companys
and i now way you may build a company to earn bucks and i still think opensource i still open ewan if you make a buck ore two .....


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