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Ask Linus questions about the kernel not FLOSS

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 16, 2007 05:43 PM
He is a great coder and I respect his work.
I dont respect his behavior, nasty personality traits and condescending atittude (I believe the common expression is 'a**hole) which automatically demeans anyone who doenst agree with him. We can say that he is a 'character' and all nice little excuses but that's all we are doing.

And honestly, there is nothing he can add to a FLOSS discussion because he acts like he above it all and doesnt care, almost like a child
whistling as it passes by a graveyard hoping really hard that nothing bad is going to happen. IP threats, SCO, Novell/Linspire/Xandros, he believes that if we do nothing, everything will resolve itself.

"Torvalds suggest that all that is needed is for people to act as people normally do."
Yes, I am sure that in his world the sky is purple and filled with dancing fairies too.
In the real world, people will lie, cheat, steal and take every little advantage they can to succeed. That's why every society has laws and boundaries to make sure that someone doenst try something. Even the 70's hippie idealists like RMS believe that.

Fine, I have no problem this predictable interview but Id rather hear Bruce Perens, Eben Moglen or others talk about open source, GPL and other important aspects.
Coders should stick to coding.


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