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Sabayon Linux: Something for everyone

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 14, 2007 11:35 PM
Being a Sabayon beta guy, I am of course partisan to that distro, however, I am a bit concerned about the negative comment about Ubuntu. Sabayon's goals are the same as Ubuntu's in that they both strive hard to maintain a top quality Linux distro aimed at end users. Ubuntu obviously has a much much larger userbase to keep happy, and so it is much harder to please all of them, but they do please most. Sabayon has the advantage of having the solid source base of Portage and Gentoo, and its lead Developer is perhaps the best in his field and certainly the most talented as the distro reflects. He is mostly alone with Sabayon (props to Dark Mage) and considering the sheer size of the base plus all the new stuff he is working on, its really quite amazing what he has accomplished. That aside, Sabayon is THE distro of choice for those of us that just like everything to work out of the box, no hassle.


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