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Sabayon Linux: Something For Everyone

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 14, 2007 08:37 PM
I have been using Sabayon GNU/Linux for 8 months, each of my two Hard Disks host Sabayon GNU/Linux 3.4, my secondary Hard Disk having been upgraded twice within 2 months. The performance hasn't degraded whatosever, in fact the performance has increased the more frequently I use the Operating System. Upgrading Operating System application software is somewhat unfriendly; a concern I have voiced, however Sabayon GNU/Linux Community values the opinions of End Users, and, unlike many other political distributions, of which include Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Sabayon GNU/Linux caters for whatever an End User may require and the Community has no qualms regarding the inclusion of propiertory device drivers, of which including NVIDIA ForceWare and ATi Radeon, to present a complete unattended Operating System configuration experience; Sabayon GNU/Linux is a perfect Linux Operating System for a new Linux User.

Sabayon GNU/Linux boasts a certain claim of featuring unparalleled hardware detection and configuration; each installation of my Operating System has yielded sucessful and I'm an ardent Sabayon GNU/Linux supporter.


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