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That old canard

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 11, 2007 03:04 PM
"Nor is open source about altruism in Torvalds' view. Instead, he sees it as a matter of enlightened self-interest" This is nothing more or less than u.s. cultural values, that people are essentially greedy and whatever panders to their greed will be successful and whatever doesn't will fail. The fact that human society for it's entire existence has been, without exception, a communal culture is completely ignored. Linus may mindlessly bleat the values of his adopted country but that doesn't mean those ideals are any more true than they were before. The capitalists may espouse the values of greed over altruism but the fact remains that they are not acting out of individual greed. They take part in a collective culture that keeps them at the top and in order to keep others from challenging them they sell this idea that they are only greedy individuals. Thus ensuring any challenger that emulates what they claim to believe will fail for lack of community support.


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