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Mind mapping tools add new dimensions to old technique

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 06, 2007 05:57 PM
When I ditched windows for Linux, the thing I most feared was wiping Mindmanager from my hard disk. Whilst, I am a QT advocate & QT developer and therefore have the upmost respect for the efforts of the only QT based mind mapping project available (VYM), regrettably, I didn't have as much success with VYM as Mr Byfield seems to have achieved. I am therefore surprised that there was no mention of Freemind, which I beleive is far more refined Regrettably, Freemind is java based. Neither Freemind nor VYM is up to the level of Mindmanger. This is not meant to be an attack of the two programs mentioned, but, it is meant to highlight how more development is needed in "fringe" software such as mind mapping tools, and frankly I find the review to be somewhat misleading.


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