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Re: Mono? No thanks

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on August 05, 2007 05:18 PM

1. Mono perpetuates the .NET code base.

No it doesn't. It perpetuates C#. .NET can die and mono will have no issues surviving on.

2. Mono will work until MS decides to break it

Like I said that won't happen. Mono is separate from .NET. Mono doesn't need .NET.

3. Mono is supported by MS via Novell to accomplish #1

I would like to see you prove that allegation.

4. Miguel de Icaza is a brilliant programmer and leader who has no problem with the MS/Novell patent agreements. I'll not support him in that.

I don't really like the patent deals either but in the long run I don't think it will matter for either camp.

5. There are a plethora of other development frameworks that are fully Free and unencumbered. Why bother with applications for this new one?

There is a plethora of other environments but there are only a few good ones and only really one or two which are comparable to Mono one of which is Java, and that has only recently been opened up.


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