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NoMachine NX 3.0 improves remote access to Linux boxes

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 31, 2007 02:34 AM
Hello Nathan Willis and Unix friends,

How refreshing to read somebody who says that things are confusing!

Seems to me the best chance to make NX work, or anything like it, is to cut back on what we would have it do. Use, therefore, the lightest weight window manager possible at the server end that still does the job you need.

Looks like the Pek window manager might qualify as the most lightweight of those which run XWindows. Go to page 12 of to read about Pek. Or go to eSnips and type «Pekwm» in the search window.

If you don't need XWindows, you can still get windows on the console with Twin. At or at eSnips type «Unix_Terminal» in the search window to read about it. I learned of Twin from .

At zumGlockenturm I've been uploading stuff I prepared for my own research.

Maybe the Pek window manager will let NX behave nicely!




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