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Fuzz testing with zzuf

Posted by: Sam Hocevar on July 27, 2007 08:45 AM
Just a note about the Xlib error: the reason xine does not work straightforward with zzuf is because X applications try to open ~/.Xauthority to connect to the X server, and of course that file gets fuzzed by default like any other (run "zzuf -d xclock" to see what happens) so the contents of the cookie are corrupt.

The reason it works when doing "xhost local:root" is because the invalid cookie is simply ignored since another authentication method is available. This is not the preferred way to fix it. To avoid specifically fuzzing ~/.Xauthority, use the "-E .Xauthority" flag. But since GUI apps may load a lot of other files such as icons, fonts etc., you'll probably prefer the "-c" flag, or something like "-I /media".


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