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Intel PR honcho puts spin on OLPC relationship

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 26, 2007 07:11 PM
"I believe if you think about what the effort is, to get technology into the hands of 1.2 billion kids over the next 10 years, the goal is to figure out how to do that."

Does the OLPC project really want people on its board that don't even get what the whole point of the project is? The point of Intel is to get technology into the hands of 1.2 billion kids, since those kids are customers and may get addicted to the ridiculous gadget and upgrade addiction that many in 'developed' countries have fallen for. If that is Intel's goal then they don't give a crap about what the technology is actually doing, if anything it would be beneficial for them for it to be locked down and quickly obsolete (hence the Classmate is an old laptop with bits pulled out to keep the cost down, then DRM hardware shoved in). The OLPC project's goal is to enable children to educate themselves and each other in areas where teachers and schools (and power, and Internet connectivity, and a common language, etc, etc.) cannot be assumed to exist. By replacing the old system of many expensive textbooks with one relatively inexpensive laptop that can duplicate them all (along with all of its other abilities) this goal can be realised.

As for the implications of Intel joining the OLPC board, the only clear benefit given in the interview is that the OLPC project has the opportunity to use Intel's products if they want to. Well, guess what? They already had that opportunity, just like every other hardware designer/manufacturer in the world, and they decided that AMD's Geode processors were better suited for the XO machines. If they want their techology to be used they should improve it until it is more suitable and the OLPC people will review it again. If not then they should shut up and live with it.


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