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Re: Eben Moglen challenges Tim O'Reilly to "join the conversation"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 25, 2007 09:52 PM
I think you were confused by my argument. The SEC, and Antitrust Legislation, came out of recognizing that our free markets were being abused, by large powerful companies. People today generally agree, that to make a market work well, you need a regulatory/police function, to make sure that the richest and most powerful don't abuse that power. Teddy Roosevelt is the Roosevelt, who took on the large trusts, and was able to get laws passed relating to Monopolies. I think that you are correct that the SEC was created after the stock crash, But the SEC was created to make sure that individuals, and companies couldn't game Wall street. While the great depression may have been caused by the government interference, Tariffs, (which everything I've ever read says that the restrictions of trade at minimum exasperated the world economy, if not causing the depression) Has nothing to with my point about regulated markets as oppose to totally free markets.

As to your point that NOBODY is HURT. I think you are either deluding yourself, or you haven't thought it through. If I pay more for something, than i should have. I"m Hurt. You can argue, you don't have to pay MS or AT&T, or any other monopoly, that is earning Monopoly Profits. And you're right, I could go and live in a cave. But, I'd rather live where Marketplaces are allowed to work, and companies can compete fairly, and I get the most for my money. Think about it, If MS is making $1billion dollars a month PROFIT off of Windows, and Office, That affects you. It means you're buying software, and 75% of the money isn't going in to improving the software, it's just lining somebodies wallet. (Not yours). Think about all the companies out there who could have saved a bunch of money, and spent it somewhere else, on things like research, or equipment, or their own employees salaries.
As to your last point, Go MAKE SOMETHING, Well that is exactly what the GNU Linux Did. They went out, and made a better more stable, more secure Operating system. And they were able to do it, in large part because of the GPL.


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