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Eben Moglen challenges Tim O'Reilly to "join the conversation"

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 25, 2007 03:41 PM
Actually they made their money by getting the GOVERNMENT to impose tariffs on imports, thus ensuring people would buy their goods.

The great depression was brought on by the Smoot Hawley Tariffs and then extended by FDR meddling in the marketplace with monetary policies.

So what if MS used BSD or MIT code? If you don't think that Active Directory is good then don't buy it. People who bought it thought their contributions were worth buying. You begrudge others for purchasing it, but honestly NO ONE IS HURT when they do it. Not only that its none of your business where people spend their money. You claim to agree with freedom, but only the kind you agree with anyway.

The real issue comes down to this zero sum game where if MS makes X dollars, then they take X dollars away from someone else. This is pure BS. People spend more money on technology than they did 15 years ago. Money isn't some shifting pie that people grab and stuff in a matress; its created each year(to the tune of 12 trillion dollars).

Instead of concerning yourself with restricting what others do, why not go and MAKE SOMETHING yourself? There are plenty of problems people need solved and trying to shave dollars off MS bottom line will do nothing to solve them.


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