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NoMachine NX 3.0 improves remote access to Linux boxes

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 23, 2007 11:29 PM
Dear Nathan,

Nice article about NX. I do think Gian over-reacted a bit with his "rebuttal" to your article ( ) . I thought the article was quite positive, nothing to be "stunned" about. Please write a criticism like that about our new product :)

It is good to see that a number of next-generation solutions are coming to market that will drive up the use of Linux and Unix while also enabling more Windows clients take advantage of X. Besides NoMachine, Hummingbird is doing this with their Exceed on Demand, and now we at StarNet are about to do this with our next-generation PC X server, X-Win32 LIVE.

Will you attend LinuxWorld next month? StarNet is planning to demonstrate this product there for the first time.

X-Win32 LIVE offers our standard X-Win32 PC X server with a new "LIVE Session" capability that offers suspend/resume of remote X sessions, fast X connections over the Internet, session recovery and the ability to start a session on one PC and resume it on another, using a USB drive from which X-Win32 LIVE runs.

X-Win32 LIVE offers a number of advantages over both VNC and NoMachine (which of course is not to say that those solutions don't also offer some advantages over X-Win32).

If you are not attending LinuxWorld, let me know where I may mail an X-Win32 LIVE USB drive for your evaluation.

Paul Swart
VP Sales & Marketing
StarNet Communications
408-739-0881 x520


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