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Many Linux users work with multiple OS platforms, survey finds

Posted by: Brian Masinick on July 22, 2007 01:34 AM
I do have Windows XP on one of my two systems at home - actually I have it on both, but one of them can't recognize all my hardware, not even the network card, so it is pretty useless. I have between five and ten Linux distros scattered across the partitions on each of these two systems, and every one of them works with all of my hardware. At work, I have to use XP on the desktop. At home, I use it only to run Front Page XP to pull mailing list information off a Web site for a part time job I do three evenings a week. Interestingly enough, I extract the mailings from Front Page, but then use Seamonkey, the community Web browser, to format and mail them to the output mailing list server, which is accessible over the Web. I finalize all of my editing from one of my desktop Linux systems, generally SimplyMEPIS.

I use Linux desktop distros for everything else I do at home.

At work, I run XP on the desktop but frequently use VNC to connect to many different Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers and some Sun Solaris servers. The VNC server itself runs on a Debian server in a nearby office. The VNC client runs on my desktop.


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