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Many Linux users work with multiple OS platforms, survey finds

Posted by: Anonymous [ip:] on July 21, 2007 09:32 PM
I recently received a macbook pro after nearly 10 years of exclusive Linux use. I immediately installed VMware fusion and an old XP VM I had on my Linux box and got all three running simultaneously. I like this because I am a web developer and it is nice to have access to all three platforms simultaneously. However, using them all side by side has been a real education. I still use Linux as my main OS the Macbook has a ton of memory and performance is fine. Coding tools in linux are so much better and cheaper than anything I have found for the other two that I can not see a time when my main OS is going to change. As far as ease of use I was very pleased to see that head to head Linux actually has a lot of desktop features that neither Mac nor Windows has (I'm a KDE guy) and I think it is time we start selling the differences instead of just trying to say we're free ( I like freedom and free beer but it is not enough to convince people to change peoples OS's or they would have done so by now). Mac is now starting to copy Linux features like virtual desktops this tells me that there are things we should be crowing about instead of trying to dumb down and eliminate features.


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