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Connect to MySQL

Posted by: alle on July 10, 2007 03:21 PM
I use Ubuntu Feisty. I Installed Apache, Mysql, PHPADMIN and everything works properly.
I Found your help some time ago, thanks a lot, I used it to work with my OpenOffice Base 2.1 togheter with Base, but I had some problem because, You know from my english, I'm italian.
The problem was this:
Base works very well with text, date and decimal numbers, when I read from the forms, but when I go to change the Decimal number by type in a forms from base the numbers disappeared in Base and in Mysql. I used the format Decimal 0.00 and not 0,00 like in Italy....

I found somewhere that's a problem of mysql-connector (UBUNTU?), and I tried to compile a new unixODBC and mysql-connector-odbc-3.51.16r494 (source) but the mission is not so easy and the problem is grow-up.
I'm looking everywhere some help to my problem but just your address speak about this problem, I Think you are a great Expert, and so may you give me an help.
Thanks a lot . alex


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