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Venerable Slackware 12 gets a sporty new wardrobe

Posted by: Tony Granberg on July 10, 2007 12:30 PM
I think this distribution still matters, and most of all as a perfect starting point for someone who is in their early learning and findings about open source software for Linux. I remember it as being a very pragmatic and basic distribution and it seems to have continued on that route. You can compare the basic approach to those who on the contrary are full-fledged ones such as Fedora 7 or the latest version of OpenSUSE. Then there is Debian of course, where it's all about GNU and liberated free software which fills a need for a whole other target group of users who are concerned about the ethical and moral aspects of software availability, but at the same time always have been a most interesting choice for production servers because of the consistent focus they have on providing a completely stable bransch of the distribution for those who need it badly.

All in all, which distribution to choose is up to the users to decide themselves. They only need to consider: what do I need and expect from the distribution? Is it going to sit on a desktop computer and serve a family or is it going to sit on a server where productive maintenance matters the most?


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