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Mistake to Begin With

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on June 01, 2007 10:34 PM
I think Gentoo has made a mistake by suddenly trying to be a newbie distro. Its strength has always been in its user base, in that base's knowledge pool. You completely take that away from it by putting it in the hands of newbies.

I don't want to sound "l33t" here, but other distros fit the bill for those users that aren't knowledgeable enough for perform the manual Gentoo install. I realize the Gentoo Installer was originally envisioned for automating the manual install (for admins' ease), but I think they made a mistake by thinking they should also tailor the installer for newbie installs.

I think Gentoo is generating a bad taste in many discussions these days particularly because of install-by-newbie discussions that didn't have pristine results.

Stick to your strengths, Gentoo... it's what made you great in the first place. Don't try to become the McDonald's of Linux... you'll just continue burying your good name in the grease.


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