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Is it the best..

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 24, 2007 05:50 PM
I have tried many distros also, and PCLinux OS is the one I use full time now. I have it loaded on 2x32bit machines, 1x64bit and an Acer portable, they have between them a mix of Nvidia, ATI and some minor brand video cards, a mix of sound cards, a mix of printer, scannners and cams, as well as chipsets and processors.. and they all work fine.
Anyone who says it doesn`t work on everything is probaly right, but every other OS doesn`t work on everything else either, including M$. I have Ubuntu, XP and win 2000 to, and they are and can be cows to setup.
If you compare the video effects of PCLinux 2007, running Beryl, then vista looks like the pits, but I won`t even go there. This distro is the easiest to use, the most integrated, and is really polished.
Try it.


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