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Re:Is it really that good ?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 24, 2007 05:26 AM

oh come on! i tried it too and i got the same results on my laptop (except that the media buttons dont work anymore<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:P)

Sour grapes any one? Ha ha.

I had heard so much stuff about this distro that i was planning to switch , cold turkey !but after playing with the live cd i decided it wasnt worth it.Every time i changed settings it asked me to log out.horrible windows flashback!also when i changed the settings on beryl manager and i logged in again nothing had changed!

You were trying to run Beryl from the live CD. Are you saying that in Ubuntu you don't have to restart X to enable Beryl? Suuuure. I have never tried to run Beryl of the live CD, but I I do know that ending a session does not necessarily restart X. Sometimes you have to do Alt+Backsapace at the login screen to do that.

The repos are a bit outdated too.

from what i have seen, PCLOS repos are much more up to date than K/Ubuntu's. You have got to be kidding.

Maybe its very good for new users (hard to say how they d react to it) but i am not a new user and i would have to give up alot of stuff just to get a fancy kde theme !

Excuse me, but what exactly would you have to give up? People at the monthly screen shot forum seem to be elated with their KDE themes.

I am really happy it works well for you but ubuntu works better for me.

That is all you needed to say.

Am i to conclude ubuntu is more carefree than PCLinuxOS ? no , of course not , thats called jumping into conclusions.

Sorry, but I cannot decipher this one.

Lets not forget that except newly converted users there are people who have been using linux for some time and we should be taking their needs into account too.

Well, I have been using Linux since about 1998 and PCLinuxOS has met my needs better than any distro so far. Maybe if you care to explain what your needs are we can show you how those are cared for in PCLOS. Otherwise you just sound like a Ubuntu fanboy that feels threatened by this up and coming distro.


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