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Re:Is it really that good ?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 24, 2007 03:20 AM
1)That has to be the most self defeating argument ever.Whos the fanboy here is more than obvious.Its quite clear that some pclos fanboys see themselves as rebels who are trying to take on the evil giant that is ubuntu.Ubuntu is pclos's windows to them.Its pathetic of course but the interesting question is why they think the way they do.Since ubuntu is a pretty good distro , the only reason i see is that its a bit overehyped and that canonical is run by a millionaire (seems to make a huge difference for some reason)I too am a bit dissapointed since all the good features seem to be pushed back every release and they end up adding crap but overall its pretty good.

2)I like the idea but i bet wouldnt make any difference

3)I still dont get it , i ve ne never HAD to use the command line under ubuntu(i did but i didnt HAVE to) the all the drivers were installed automatically and configured properly.I do like the fact that some proprietary stuff is already in there including the google apps (i always install earth and picasa on a new installation) but this could have been done very easily in ubuntu too but there are probably legal reasons about which i know little so no comment on that.pclos IS polished and requires little configuration but i dont see how it would be easier than ubuntu.I ve never read a single review that criticizes pclos and thats absolutely ridiculous , no distro is perfect including ubuntu AND pclinuxos.If you really love this distro you should be doing some constructing criticism instead of what you are doing here


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