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What is good and what is bad

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 23, 2007 09:27 PM
Praising or cursing distros 'in general' ain't good, believe me! Good for whom? Bad for whom?
Now to business. I belong to those folks who have to run Microsoft machines, but become aware that this is a blind alley. Microsoft made a revolution, but now it has nowhere to go (too old maybe). Therefore I've been looking for alternative distro that can fit for general ex-Microsoft folks: out-of-the-box installation, 'pro-Microsoft' simplicity for everyday tasks, simple administration tools, etc. In other words, I was looking for distro I could recommend to other Microsoft folks.
Mind that every distro I installed was tested by my family (wife and daughters), and my family strongly prefers Windoze XP!
Now it boils down to this: PCLinuxOS. Other distros (Mandriva, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, OpenSUSE) didn't survive due to several reasons: inconvenient interface, always had to add something (codecs, Macromedia, inability to switch users, etc.)
Another strong point of PCLinuxOS appeared its ability to execute passwordless login in XP-like mode, just pressing user icon!
Once again, Linux folks would argue that PCLOS 'cannot do this', 'cannot do that' - I quite agree, but... you are Linux already! What I am talking about is average Windoze user who had enough of it due to the abovementioned reasons.
Good luck!


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