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Re:Typical Director Mindset

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 14, 2007 09:07 PM

"I'm not saying this is where Progeny was headed, but the "no IP" excuse is a denial of business reality, in my opinion. "

No you just made a grand assumption that anything having to do with IP is to "screw over and lock in".

If you read the comment again in full you'll find that I made the observation that services companies in general tend to screw up when they fail to realise that their value lies in their employees' expertise. This can just as easily happen with Microsoft, SAP or Oracle consultancies as it can be with people providing open source services. And yes, I've seen this happen with companies providing proprietary solutions on top of proprietary solutions.

All you've done is to restate the "secret sauce is everything" mantra by someone who not only makes a grand assumption, but has also probably only ever seen services organisations from the top via organisational charts and spreadsheets.


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