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templet for understanding

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 10, 2007 05:02 AM
Daniel Boon, Flintlock, Vasco da Gama, Cummins Diesel- Taming the Wild. Various DOM type entry systems, wiki, curiki type services are available.
Model: On this<nobr> <wbr></nobr>.org and eventualy subject related sights, provide a banner or side bar were anyone visiting the sight looking for answers can search a faq. Their question will be first: searched among other questions. second: if no answere appears satisfactory it can be displayed real time. Anyone visiting the sight can answere the question. Describe the question using a keyword or brief discription. Or vote on the difficulty of the question beginner, ave., advanced or by subject (comm., data base, kernnel etc.). LUGs mite take time to answere one or more questions durring a meating. This basic format could then be extended to education. Some institution as a sponsor mite provide resources that would do the following: It would begin as an over 21 web sight with content filtered by users ultamatly public and private educational institutions (local state federal). There would be no direct contact between users. A person places a question an a WALL. Any one interested answeres the question. Each answere is a separatly linked file. Subject test are provided. The score a person recievs on the test votes the value of the study resource they just used. (gennetic algorythm aproch). Retired persons may find this to be a rewarding activity as well the elderly may find participation as a way to remain connected to there community and intelectualy active. This info. resource could not only be made available to schools and for home work, it could also be made available to prisons, shelters, and rehab or progams that try to get people back into the work force (ocupational services). With the state of current tech. video and sound clips could be used and linked from how to sights. A system to distribute weath could involve a deposite only acount. Pages could be ad sponsored and the income could be distributed to the content provider. If my tutorial was the most effective and used most my account would get the most credit form that page. Auto Cad might want to sponsor a page that teaches auto mechanics and uses a vertualized machine as a tool for remove and reinstale traing, using film role to see virtural functioning of the system. The Science foundation mite work on a chemisty and physics lab that allows a virtual laboratory.


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