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Re:The US *what* of Iraq?

Posted by: Administrator on May 23, 2007 08:15 AM
As a Vietnamese, I'm glad that you recognize the U.S. occupation of your country for what it was, even though a succession of South Vietnamese governments (five in one year at one point) asked, even begged us to stay. But with Iraq you know so much better! Even with a couple hundred thousand coalition troops and mercenaries running around killing anything they like, Iraq is sovereign because the occuppying power says it's sovereign. I hope you don't apply that logic to your programming.

But you are right, there is a world of difference between the two wars. For example, in the case of Vietnam, the architect of the failed war policy, Robert S. McNamara was promoted by the president to the head of the World Bank. BTW McNamara said that the U.S. killed 3.4 million Vietnamese. The Vietnamese say the number was closer to 5 million. The truth probably lies somewhere between. In any case it is not a number to be proud of.

Yesterday I posted the rough cut of <a href="" title="">Vietnam: American Holocaust</a> and since you are Vietnamese I'd be very interested in your take on it. Also for your education here is a soldier talking about our real policy in Iraq: <a href="" title="">KILL THEM ALL</a>


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