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Re:What are you smoking?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 18, 2007 01:55 PM
Before you accuse me of smoking anything, I recommend getting out your dictionary and looking up "occupation." You will find that occupation and a state of sovereignty are mutually exclusive. Japan was occupied until somewhere in the 1950s, as was Germany. At the end of the occupation, Japan and Germany returned to national sovereignty. US troops are stationed in both countries to this day, but neither is occupied.

I don't remember much about the VN war because I was so young, but many people who were in it - from both sides - have told me so much that I really know it. My family was split down the middle by the war. My dad was a South Vietnamese soldier, and my mother's brother's were VC. When I say that Iraq is no Viet Nam, people ought to listen.

And you should be embarrassed to be talking about occupation without even knowing what it is.

Iraq has already returned to sovereignty, and if the Iraqi government wanted US troops to start packing tomorrow and be out by the end of summer, they'd be gone. They have no choice, since they are in Iraq now by invitation. The only other option would be to refuse and fight a war against the new Iraqi army to remove the new Iraqi government. Even if it were the wish of the US government to do so, no one anywhere would support it and they couldn't do it. It would be political suicide.


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