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Re:The US *what* of Iraq?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 17, 2007 11:19 PM
It’s a war on al-queda – No, Wait..
It’s a war on weapons of mass destruction – No, Wait..
It’s a war on terror – Wait, No..
It’s,.. It’s.. well, it’s not about Oil that’s for sure.. heh.. we swear. We certainly didn’t lie a country into war over Oil.. no sir. (pst.. what business is the Bush family in when not governing and

And the only government building that was captured and protected during the initial occupation was the Ministry of (say it with me now) OIL. While looting of other government buildings went on for weeks including military bases that where completely emptied of munitions be anyone with a truck.

Ok, so his political view doesn’t agree with yours and probably doesn’t agree with mine which also does not agree with yours. I can accept that little love triangle though. Let me have a go at your comments here since you feel this here technical forum is the place for political debate and knee-jerk defense of your current administration.

Anyone starting off with US occupation of Iraq has been watching more than CNN and Fox News. He may be getting sources of news outside of the US political scope of influence over reporting. Maybe it’s not an occupation now but it sure looks like it from the outside.

It’s compared to Viet Nam due to the US forces marching into someone’s backyard thinking they’ll be there for a week of bombing then the “police action” (war) will be over and US flags will wave happily in the sun. The reasons for going into Viet Nam where questionable (one being to boost the national ego after being whipped in Korea a few years previous; “history of espionage” is a great university course by the way). The reasons for going into Iraq where even more questionable (daddy Bush puts Sadam in power, Sadam doesn’t play nice, bubba Bush takes Sadam out of power).

The problems in Iraq are long standing issues mixed with current political issues. It’s an area of the world where people have been fighting over religion and natural resources for thousands of years. The US is a four year old (a very young country) trying to settle a dispute between two adults who’ve been fighting for years. Somehow, bombing countries back to the Stone Age doesn’t seem like the right approach but that was the approach they took.

Your last bit is pretty good stuff though. Nope, shouldn’t have invaded a sovern nation in the first place and yes, now that they’ve made a huge mess of it (years longer than expected, billions over budget; yes, they had a “war budget”), they can’t simply walk away and not have the rest of the local nations continue there war over who get’s the Iraq (lest we forget that pesky Oil the US would loose access too).

But yes, we should listen to what this person has to say about Linux; accept all information and filter out what is not relevant. I don’t agree with everything Mr Raymond has to say but that’s the same thing. I listen the FOSS related content and leave the gun advocacy to the firearms collectors. That does bring up the question of why you responded to the political information *then* commented about ignoring his political opinions and focusing on his Linux opinions.


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