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The US *what* of Iraq?

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 17, 2007 01:26 AM
Anyone who is leading off talking about the US occupation of Iraq is leading off with a lie. The US occupation of Iraq ended with resumption of Iraqi sovereignty a couple years ago. Our current activities are military support of the Iraqi government, together with the Iraqi armed forces and police.

Next, as a Vietnamese, I can tell you that Iraq is nothing like Viet Nam. In Viet Nam, the situation was that the government in the south had little popular support and was in fact not legitimate, having canceled elections b/c they knew the Viet Minh would win them easily.

In Iraq, the government does have popular support, and the problems are A) A small number of insurgents, and B) Sunnis and Shiites who can't/won't get along.

The issues of whether we should have gone there and whether we should still be there (my opinions are no and yes, respectively) are open for discussion, but let's frame the debate properly. He is framing the debate as falsely as Microsoft frames the open source debate, so let's not pay attention to anything he says about anything but Linux.


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