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Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 15, 2007 07:07 AM
Being a very occasional ebay customer (because I can't stand their practice of doing absolutely nothing to fight against phishers, they could at the very least sign their mails), I don't see any ethical problem with sniping.

If someone outbids you at the very last second, it's because he is willing to pay more than you did. You can do the very same without a sniping program, just by clicking in the right moment. If I buy something on ebay, I do the same, as I find it much more reasonable to show my cards *once* at the end of the game, instead of pushing the price high before.

This is not a real auction where you say what you actually will pay, it's an auction where you say what you want to pay at the maximum. No one knows my maximum if he doesn't outbid me. I think of a price, do one bid at the end of the game, and never want to bid twice as it would cost me more money than I wanted to pay in the first place.


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