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We have MoneyCounts- only 20 transactions per year

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 03, 2007 08:05 PM
The folks at Parson't Tech donated MoneyCounts to us years ago (DOS based) and it worked and still works fine. However, training a replacement as treasurer on a DOS based accounting fund accounting system would be difficult. Everyone likes the GUI world (and Quicken/Quickbooks has spoiled many with the ease of use there).

The expense of Quickbooks is too high. Speaking from being a treasurer of a small non-profit environment protection group (that is part of a much larger organization, but we operate our own set of books, and we are required to report to the main organization every year). We only have about 20-30 transactions per year (if that) and the $400 price tag for Quickbooks is absurb for us. We operate multiple funds to keep track of what we are doing in various areas, as donations to the organization can be assigned for exclusive use of a fund for projects in that fund.

A Linux solution, costing in the neighborhood of what MoneyCounts was priced at back then, would make sense, and would be affordable... I could get a Of course, a modification of GNUcash, or other would be nice too as long as double entry stuff is left off (like MoneyCounts did years ago).


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