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Need a LINUX fund based non-profit accounting app.

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on May 02, 2007 10:52 PM
Fund based accounting used by non-profits, churches, and government is a different animal than for-profit business or personal accounting applications.

I have found out that Linux has no Fund based non-profit accounting application available for it!

At one time there was one called MoneyCounts created by Parson's Technology that was inexpensive for small non-profits and churches (not for Linux). However, I believe that Intuit bought them out and killed the product (Intuit has a much more expensive fund based accounting application for windows that is too expensive at about $400 or so and it actually a special QuickBooks version).

Does anyone know of a Linux version (it has to be designed from the ground up for fund based accounting for non-profits, not a business or personal accounting application that has been modified as that will not work). Of course it needs to be a GUI based one, and not double entry accounting that is more difficult to train folks on.

The old Money Counts was perfect, but it is not available anymore (and it is not for Linux).


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