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Red Hat does not share in this CentOS hatred

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 21, 2007 01:03 PM
So, then ubuntu doesn't add anything on top of debian?

Red Hat itself does not seem to share in your hatred of the CentOS Product:

<a href="" title=""><nobr>3<wbr></nobr> 671841</a>

In the above article, Red Hat, Inc discusses the advantages that CentOS provides for customers of Red Hat, and also discusses how CentOS helps them engineer their product.

Here are some Red Hat quotes from that article:

"From the technology side, CentOS broadens the customer base for Red Hat Enterprise Linux technology," Nick Carr, a product marketing director for RHEL, told "They are active in the mailing list, and from an engineering viewpoint they certainly assist us in finding problems in the product."

"We certainly get CentOS customers who will see the value of the Red Hat model when what they are deploying becomes more and more critical to their infrastructure," Carr noted.

"That's not to say that what CentOS offers to customers isn't of great value to customers," Carr said. "It's just not the same as what Red Hat is offering."

CentOS and Fedora recently shared a Dev Room at <a href="" title="">FOSDEM 2007</a>.

Max Spevack (Fedora Board Chairman and Red Hat employee) says in his <a href="" title="">blog</a>:

I have always thought that the work the CentOS project does is very well aligned with both Fedora and Red Hat, and that Red Hat should look at the CentOS project as one of our biggest community allies. Talking with the leaders of CentOS only reaffirmed that in my mind. They're a good group of guys, and all of their users are folks whose operating system is part of the Red Hat family (who otherwise might not be using a Red Hat-based distro).

Please do a search for "centos" in

CentOS users and the CentOS developers find and fix many bugs in the Red Hat codebase.

Surely you would not suggest that Red Hat would be better off if a user (who was going to use a Free {as in beer} OS) picked debian or ubuntu over CentOS. If they picked one of those OSes, anything they did would not easily be moved to RHEL in the future. If they pick CentOS, thier work can easily be moved to Red Hat's premire paid product, if / when official paid support is needed.

If Red Hat is OK with CentOS and if Fedora is OK with CentOS, then who are all these CentOS haters who are commenting that CentOS Developers are parasites.


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