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Re:What CentOS does and doesn't add

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 19, 2007 07:34 AM
"CentOS did mainstream yum before RH did (though this is now included in RHEL5)"

Of course the difference is the yum-rhn plugin.

"RHN is a PITA"

That's BS. RHN does more than delivering packaging. It has provising, monitoring etc which CentOS LACKS.

" (the principle value), actual support has been "

Incorrect. Red Hat has been number one on support for n number of years.

"For those wedded to a commercial RPM-based distro, Novell's Suse exists"

That would be getting wedded to Microsoft all over again.

" I vastly prefer Debian or Ubuntu in both server and desktop roles, and generally recommend either over RH/Suse for a host of reasons which largely culminate in "more power, less pain"."

That would really be "unproven. Pretty much no ISV's"

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