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Enterprise Linux sorely needs Red Hat

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on April 19, 2007 02:14 AM
I've been working with different distros of linux for the last 7 years and have come to the conclusion that if Red Hat decided to shut down tomorrow, Linux at the Enterprise level would suffer a devastating blow.

The value proposition of Red Hat to the enterprise customers (those willing to pay dollars) is way under estimated. Red Hat brings together bug fixes, documentation, validation and most importantly enterprise quality global support.

Just think that Novell released SLES in 2006 with Xen when XEN was clearly not ready or stable.

An an example, if it were not for Red Hat, the enterprise customers would have been deluded into implementing Xen when it was not stable.

Oracle's Linux, CENTOS, Fedora, etc would not survive or progress without the contributions of Red Hat. There is a place and market for these recompiled versions of the Red Hat source, but it is not at the enterprise.

Linux for the hobbyists and academia would survive without Red Hat just as it started without Red Hat.

Ubuntu is the only alternative to Red Hat and it is still gearing up an organization (has been for the last 3 years). Ubuntu is a wait and see as far as I'm concerned.

The press needs to do an analysis on :
1. What would happen to Linux, at the Enterprise level, if Red Hat decided to shut down tomorrow ?

2. What would happen to mass/cheap web hosting, if Red Hat decided to shut down tomorrow ?

I'm willing to bet the results of such will be sobering.


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