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Re:Dev's response to article.

Posted by: Administrator on April 23, 2007 09:54 PM
All criticism is constructive!

Not if there is no alternative suggested to the problems noted. Just saying "that's bad because it confuses me" doesn't actually inform anyone. Sure, it was interesting to hear the sharp response to the gui, and I have taken a lesson from that, but I can't say what I must do to make the interface better without the *constructive * side of criticism.

While I understand that you may not like or agree with the criticism, that does not make it invalid.

Perish the thought!

saying that the author is wrong in his criticism because you don't know how to make it better demonstrates your shortcomings.

I never actually said he was wrong. I merely defended my pov. Please don't make this bigger than it is.

It is your program and you can do whatever you like with it, no one will deny you of that. But, you now have two pieces of constructive criticism with which you can work, if you choose to. You can dismiss them, but, you can't negate them.

Right. Thanks for the criticism.


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