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Cheap web cam solution

Posted by: Administrator on April 07, 2007 10:43 AM
Nice writeup!

Instead of spending alot of $ on a crappy USB webcam that is good for one thing only and can barely get you 15 FPS (unless they have been drastically improved recently) you could use something better, cheaper and something that always works. Like what? A tv card w/ video in is $20 ( I use any card w/ BTTV driver) and any old video analog camera w/ video out will easily give you 30 FPS or better. Even my Fuji stillcam has video out and gives 30 FPS. I picked up a Sony analog camera @ a pawn shop for $30. $50 all totaled and a far better video experience than using some ridiculous USB camera. (no it isn't cute and fuzzy, doesn't sit atop your monitor and maybe is not a solution for laptop owners). Presumably a Firewire camera would work fine as well but I have no such animal to test.<nobr> <wbr></nobr>:/

As an aside - I find it highly amusing that FLOSS has gotten so good that all the whiners can find to complain about is a name. There are plenty of legitimate things to complain about in the software world.

Q: How do you stop Windows pc?
A: Click Start.

What's funnier? The above Q&A or the fact that 95% of pc users don't even realize the ridiculousness of it all and have come to accept it as 'normal'?

Ekiga - what an original and cool name. Cheers!


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