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Re:how about Wiimote

Posted by: Nathan Willis on March 29, 2007 08:53 PM
Two possible points to be made about those devices. One, as you alluded to, is that you use the Wiimote to play games -- you have to move it (and your whole arm) physically, over a much bigger range of motion than you would comfortably be doing seated at a desk manipulating the view of a CAD program. Two, you could control your main X pointer with a joystick instead of a mouse, but nobody does that cause it just looks silly. The Wiimote might have the degrees of freedom for use as a 3-D controller, but it's not likely to catch on in popularity for "work" applications.

But that's not to suggest that there's anything wrong with it, or with writing an XInput driver for it. The more XInput, the merrier. That's my motto.



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