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Zabbix a great software

Posted by: Administrator on March 12, 2007 08:59 PM
I had used this software. My experience with him and functionality, and my conclusion was the best software to monitor your network. I work for an ISP (Internet Service Provider), and configured ZABBIX to monitor more than 400+ devices with SNMP, ZABBIX AGENT, and the Simple PING.

But my supervisor view this software as a threat to him, because the other monitor software we use it was the IPSwitch WhatsUp and was running on Windows and ZABBIX on Linux. Why a threat to him?, simply because he does not know anything about Linux and conviced his boss not to change.

Currently we are using WhatsUp, and let me tell you that software simply does not work. That software is like a toy. The software goes to his nees when is monitoring more than 400+ devices. And yes it ZABBIX can monitor all the devices with less power, but WhatsUp need more power to monitor 400+ devices.

Ahh, and you can configure ZABBIX more faster, with the use of templates, so adding large amount of devices to ZABBIX will be more pleasant, in the other hand adding 400+ devices to WhatsUp, you will need like 3 weeks to do it.

The monitor server has:


* 2 Intel Pentium Xeon at 2.5Ghz

* 2 Maxtor HD IDE 7,200Rpms


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