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Many comments...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 10, 2007 02:54 AM
But not one of them focuses on the distro's features or accomplishments. Guys, this is a review of Linux Mint, their heavily modified Ubuntu based distro. This is not the place for the flamewars over some codecs. These Mint people do not sell their distro, they let everyone download and use it. IT IS FREE. I, for one, enjoy listening music or watching DVD on my PC. Mint makes this easier. That is a good thing. Mint has a lot of usability enhancements over Ubuntu. This is a good thing too. Also it has great artwork unlike Ubuntu itself. It's fast, user friendly and has a solid base with great h/w detection. So, this is a good distro. Period.
If you think that at some point in time it will be crushed by some corporation over codec rights, so be it. Nothing lasts forever. Its creators obviously enjoyed making it, then we can enjoy using it or prefer not to use it. No big deal than that. Thanks for such a great distro and informative review.


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