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your elitist BS is why we can't be taken seriously

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 10, 2007 12:35 AM
The only thing we'll acomplish by continuing to be elitist prick puritons spouting your crap is another decade dominated by a closed monopoly OS and no vendor support for Linux outside of the server market.

Regardless of the numerous technical advantages:

- we're screwed until any average user can install Linux in under three mouse clicks and see there porn and listen to there music without a five step after install tweak.

- we're screwed until large computer vendors offer pre-installed Linux distorbutions that "just work" like users expect after years of Microsoft and Apple closed OS.

We all know Linux/BSD are better build than the status queue. Apple even pilled there closed window manager on top of openBSD. This is the tech industry though and the better solution has rarely won out over the competition based on technical merits alone.

But, don't take my humble word for it; have a read over the original paper co-authored by people far smarter than me on the subject.

<a href="" title=""><nobr>n<wbr></nobr> /world-domination-201.html</a>

- specificaly "Facing the Music"

It's a well thought and rational analysis of why Linux remains outside the realm of being taken seriously and what we need to do before the next monopoly OS get's locked into place until 128bit eventually replaces 64bit architecture.


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