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Don't Get Hooked - Mint Sure To Die

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 09, 2007 06:40 AM
While Mint seems like a wonderful distro, I would recommend against using it. Or at least I would recommend not getting hooked on Mint. The reason is that the Mint project is sure to die or be killed if it becomes even slightly popular.

I don't know why we must keep repeating this but, I'll say it one more time. The "annoyance" of mainstream distros lacking the ability to playback proprietary codec and CSS encoded DVD's cannot and will not change unless you pay for it!!!! No distro, including Mint, cannot legally offer these capabilities for free. Not unless Mark Shuttleworth/Canonical buys the rights and decides to give it away, which seems highly unlikely at this time.

Operating systems that can play these formats out-of-the-box charge large sums for the OS. Part of that money is used to pay licensing fees to the codec owners. NO PAY NO PLAY!!! Surely that's not too complicated for you all to understand?

If Mint becomes popular, its popularity will draw the attention of the rights holders for the codecs. They will in turn demand their licensing fee, issue a cease and desist or sue the developers/distributors of Mint. At that point you Minty distro will either disappear or it will stop playing all those juicy codecs out-of-the-box just like Red Hat, Novell/SuSE, Ubuntu, Manriva and all the others.

Sure, you can download the codecs and players without cost and with seeming impunity but, IT STILL ISN'T LEGAL!


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