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Re:come on, don't be so hostile!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 28, 2007 03:09 PM
So the whole project of opening up XaraLx is about cooperation

Obviously it's not, CDraw will obviously never be free, making the whole Xara LX a very poor investment for contributors.

The threat "Make a windows port and we may consider not releasing portions of our application under gpl again" is unacceptable, and proves they didn't understand what is free software about.

Did Corel donate the Draw\! src to the community? What about Adobe, not to mention Microsoft.

Did Corel claimed Draw! was a free software and enjoyed seeing it listed in free software directories, advertised on free software community sites? Did Adobe do that with Illustrator?

I have no problem with Xara being a closed source paying software,but because they try to enjoy as much positive "free software" PR while not playing nice with free software at all. They are insulting free software community's very spirit.

Worse, they dare to whine because community isn't interested in contributing to their half-closed application...

They don't respect free software, they don't respect the community they are trying to mobilise around Xara LX, why would community obey them?

They released a half software? Ok, let's make it complete, multi-platform, and let's make it available on all platforms.


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