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come on, don't be so hostile!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 28, 2007 05:20 AM
If free software community is not worth having CDraw opened, then Xara is not worth having any contribution at all...

Worse, Xara Group used and abused the words "free software" and "open source" lately, just to adorn their soft with good PR, without opening the hearth of Xara LX.

Let's fork it and release a Windows build to show them they cannot have the benefits of being free software without playing nicely with the free software rules.

I can't understand why people are always so hostile...

I myself value "free as speech" very much -- indeed most of us do.

But we should note, Xara is a company, not an open source entity. So the whole project of opening up XaraLx is about cooperation. They indeed donated a great pile of sourcecode to the community and on top of that spent a good amount of developer time on advancing this app to beta 0.7. They are open to a fork, approve it and even host the fork in their Subversion.

Did Corel donate the Draw\! src to the community? What about Adobe, not to mention Microsoft. Remember, these are direct competitors to Xara.

And what are the "friends of open source" doing? They are screaming "fight Xara, let's hurt them and port it to Windows!".

So, please guys, just let's help to bring this fork to successfully using Cairo. If really at some point in the future "the worst comes to the worst" and Xara Corp. turns out to be hostile, then will be the right moment of thinking hostile, not now.


a happy XaraLX user


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