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Two things...

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on February 27, 2007 07:45 PM
First, the lack of development during the past few months was mostly due to the official Xara developers usually working on the Linux version, being temporarily moved to the Windows version, to allow for a quicker release. Obviously, when there is no official replies to messages, and no patch is integrated, the development mostly stop, and the non-official developers move to something else.

Second, on their position about a possible Windows port, although I do understand their concern (in the context of today society), I can't say I'm happy to hear this, to say the least. It's pretty much similar to the TransGaming-Cedega case: "our code is free, GPL, but don't get too cocky, or we will stop everything, and you will have to face the anger of all of our users, because this will be your fault"...

If they don't want people to port their code to Windows, they just have to license it like this. Don't use the GPL, or any other free license, and then threaten people, so they don't use their rights fully.

"This is a free country, but don't say too much".


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