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Prefer KDE

Posted by: Administrator on February 20, 2007 02:03 PM
I am using KDE for about 3 years now though tried GNOME for couple of time. Gosh... I hate the dependancy hell & above all, I dont like the way GNOME treats me.

Though I don't condemn anyone, it's all about preference. For most people GNOME with Ubuntu worked well. For me KDE with openSUSE works well than KDE with any other flavors of Linux (Kubuntu sucks extremely, personally).

But I find this article healthy rather than bad spirit because it's good that someone whip GNOME developers and tell them to listen to the users than living in their own dream world.

Afterall, the people are the one who are going to use the software not the developers

Also, I don't understand the complain that a new comer has to configure a lot to use KDE? Dude!!! look around? I never had to CONFIGURE anything in my Linux when I was newbie until I am ready to fork it.

Use what you prefer. But personally, I love KDE (not that I hate GNOME, but i prefer KDE over GNOME).

Adios Amigos.


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