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Re:Let's try to get along

Posted by: Administrator on February 17, 2007 06:10 AM
I`m at home in front of my computer deciding upon the difference upon linux and microsoft, my wife to my left is watching one of her favourite programmes on tv about our past and how it was before we "moved on" "devolped" as humans,(Lillies,TV PROG). I then stumble upon the discussion, dialogue or outright slanging match between linus and gnome( I won`t put either in capitals while they behave like childeren)I`m new to computer technology, I`m hoping to devolp what I`ve already learnt and to do better. Perhaps for myself it would be good to start with gnome and move on to a more challenging programme, that is my choice as pointed out by ALF people have a choice. And while we do we will vote with our keyboard! There`s an old saying which every goverment knows very well and lets us down because of it "you can`t please all the people all the TIME." So why not put your differences behind you and remember the small people out there the people who matter, the users of these programmes. A message to either if it`s money your after then dissapear to the commercial world and fight your corner there otherwise stay and help the community.


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