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I dumped GNOME

Posted by: Administrator on February 17, 2007 06:17 AM
Years ago.

KDE makes things conveniently available and configurable. I don't have to put-up with someone else's vision of what I should be allowed to do with my OS and GUI.

Hell! That's why I've never used windoze!

I cannot argue with Linus' position in the least; and the GNOME crew has been progressively digging-in their heels deeper over this, begging for somebody to come along and clout some sense into their heads with a 2x4.

The slam Linus delivered has been long overdue, IMHO.

Let's see if they can figure-out his patches and how to implement them against the extant codebase.

If so, maybe more patches will be submitted and they will actually gain some respectability. GNOME attaining some semblence of logical usability wouldn't be bad, either.


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