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Minus the Vitriol

Posted by: Administrator on February 18, 2007 06:08 AM
So at the core if this issue is that the developers of Gnome don't take patches to improve the functionality of the DE. Is it their right to do so? If it is, then leave them be or fork them out of existence. I personally have no issues with gnome other than Icaza saying Microsoft C# is the second coming of Christ. Very telling and very childlike.

Maybe Gnome is made for children? In which case, cool. Not a big deal. Let them make a GUI that does nothing but 3 things.

I think everyone here is on the same page. We don't care about gnome because either:
1) We think Ubuntu is gnome- proving Linus's point
2) We think gnome sucks- proving Linus's point
3) We don't care- proving Linus's point
4) We think Darwin can take care of it's own descent to extinction or survival in regards to Gnome.

It's gnome developers right to make a GUI for kids and microsoft reject's. I don't care. But it's also Linus's right to roshambo them in the balls for being tools. That's all part of natural selection. Let it roll where it will.


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