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this things that annoy

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 15, 2007 11:01 PM
Windows, KDE, Mac osx and gnome are ugly
Enlightenment is less ugly, but not so stable sometimes you can make them all less ugly in terms of look and feel to the degree that they allow,

however ugly/pretty = art


Gnome fails, because it hinders both (I can't do anything I should be able to do without fixing gnome itself which is way over my head)

KDE fails because it sacrifices usability for functionality(feature creep, do I really need 6 different spots that duplicate the exact same functionality in slightly different interfaces?)

However I use KDE, cause its faster and I can deal with being able to have that functionality, without the usability, versus Gnome where I don't even get the chance to have that functionality as part of the design. keeping things simple doesn't mean everything has to be shallow, being logical doesn't mean you have to actively stop users from doing what they should be able to do.

What I want and need is something that doesn't sacrifice Design, At, Functionality and Usability, at all. Enlightenment seems closest at this point, as a developer/designer I have to have something that does both, however I need something that just works too, and for now its Kubuntu with half compiled junk everywhere on the desktop and dual boot Windows xp and E-live on the laptop.


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