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I like the "expert option"!

Posted by: Anonymous Coward on March 07, 2007 12:07 AM
Okay, okay, I want to contribute some constructive thing here, not flame more. Point.

>configuring things, but I really hate the way KDE looks, even though I've skimmed through lots and lots of themes It still looks to shiny, to glossy to... to much.

THAT is interesting, as a KDE preferer, I feel exactly the opposite. Gnome is old fashioned and looks like designed be engineer that have no clue about design. Drab, stiff, plain. I am an engineer and have not much skill in designing, but I still like it a lot. SO, this is a matter of opinion, no way to find a solution about it. Just as tastes differ.

>But I agree with the guy tha t suggested that there could be an "advanced" menu. For people who would like to do more than just basics.

No, I like that "expert thing" If you get that into Gnome, I will switch back. I think it is just wrong what Gnome does in FORCING expert users to use a computer like a newbie user does.
I can't understand the decision and believe that it is too radical. Radical things often don't work, since the world is not black and white.

>But I also agree with the guy who said that this is just foolish to argue about. It's like Mac/Win, vi/emacs etc etc. All to its own I say.

No, I disagree. We cannot just use KDE and be happy, we cannot get around using Gnome, and are touched by this. It is not like Win / or Mac or VI or Emacs...


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